Walleyes and camaraderie abound in Sioux Lookout


A group of Elder-Jones project managers and management (pictured above, from left to right: Colton Remakel, Trevor Schuster, Greg Lucivansky, Justin Elder, Jay Saterbak, Brian Perkkio, Mike Gunderson, and John Lundebrek) recently revived an old Elder-Jones tradition of traveling to Winoga Lodge, a remote island near Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada, for a few days of walleye fishing and fun. The location did not disappoint, with over 400 walleyes caught by the group in just over 3 days of fishing. With all those fish caught, there were a lot of fish to be eaten. Thanks to Jay Saterbak for doing the majority of cooking. Most of the group agreed the fish that Jay fried up were about the best they’d ever had! Lots of laughs and the best camaraderie was had by all. Thanks also to everyone at Winoga Lodge for being great hosts. The Elder-Jones group looks forward to making this a regular tradition!

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