2022 CEM 900 is under way!


The 17th annual CEM 900 charity bike ride benefiting Kids ‘n Kinship begins today! Follow the rider’s adventures at https://cem900.com/road-diary/ and donate at https://cem900.com/donate/

Yesterday the first riders traveled to the trails ahead of today’s start and recapped their day in this year’s first road diary entry. “The Leg 1 riders for this year’s CEM 900 gathered on Tuesday, May 31, to travel to Akeley, Minnesota, where they begin the first day on the trails Wednesday, June 1. The geriatric team of five include John Elder, riding for the 17th year, his neighbor Jim Arbuckle, on board for the 6th time, Bob Porter from Phoenix, 10 years, Jack Hohag, 7 years, and support driver Jay Saterbak on board for the 14th time. Each of the riders have passed the 70-year mark, a point where participants tend to compare ailments rather than bike speed…” Read the rest of their road diary!

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