Featured Project: Sundance in Westport, CT


Back in 1969, Robert Redford purchased land at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. He called it Sundance Village and it quickly became a popular spot to come and enjoy art and nature, and to visit a tiny store at the base of the village. That tiny store has since transformed into to a catalog and now into over 15 stores across the country, offering collections of timeless women’s fashion, artisan-crafted jewelry, elegant home furnishings, and more. Elder-Jones is currently under construction on a build-out for their newest store in Westport, CT. The location of this store is in a 100 year flood plain, so some delays have happened and extra steps were required before building could commence, and as construction progresses. Special inspections are required on any slab and foundation work along with many provisions to maintain integrity of existing FEMA required and approved foundation work, flood gates, intricate water proofing, and drainage procedures. Despite all the hurdles, the Elder-Jones team has persisted, construction is underway, and the store is slated to open in late spring 2021.

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