Elder-Jones and Navigating COVID-19

I’m sure by now you’ve read many of these same types of messages regarding the impact of COVID-19. Like most others, we at Elder-Jones are in the midst of trying to balance the needs and objectives of our clients while keeping the health and safety of our employees, clients, and other partners as our top priority. We also feel as a company we have a duty to society to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by following recommended CDC guidelines. The more we can all do our part, the sooner this will be over and we can redirect our efforts back to doing the things we all do best.

We have begun implementing many of the recommended protocols for mitigating the spread of this virus. One of the most impactful steps we have taken has been to limit travel to only the most critical and absolutely essential trips. In order to maintain the level of service that is expected of us, we are implementing virtual technology solutions as rapidly as possible. Much of our office staff is working remotely, and both the office and field staff are adhering to strict social distancing measures and other personal recommendations as provided by the CDC.

I want to assure our clients and partners we will continue working diligently to provide the expected level of service during this challenging time. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining project objectives within all parameters we can control. We are working creatively to enhance communication with building departments, owners, and landlords to keep our projects moving forward. Legislation at all levels has been evolving on a daily basis, and on a location-by-location basis. We will continue to adapt and enhance our communication methods to keep our clients updated on each and every project. We appreciate your continued partnership and wish you, your staff, and your families all the best.

Justin M. Elder

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