Since our inception in 1971, Elder-Jones has been building a reputation for uncompromising quality, on-time construction and honest, competitive pricing. With each new project, we build on that foundation.

Uncompromising Quality

With over forty years of experience working with all types of building materials, a group of associated companies under full control, working relationships with thousands of subcontractors nationwide, and a national ranking among the top 50 national chain retail store contractors, we’re able to consistently deliver on our reputation for uncompromising quality in whatever region our clients need us to perform.

On-Time Construction

Time is money…especially to our retail customers. That’s why on-time opening schedules and turnover dates must be met. We draw on our wealth of project experience, computerized project management and scheduling systems, and diligence from the project managers to ensure  the project is brought in on-time.

Value Driven

Our experienced estimating department works in concert with our project managers to provide the most competitive prices possible. A computerized estimating system, with a database of over 30,000 subcontractors assists in this endeavor. We also maintain the highest standards in the industry for paying our subcontractors and suppliers responsibly and on-time. All combined, these systems and sources ensure good pricing and excellent support from our subcontractors and suppliers. Which all mean that you get the best possible job at the lowest possible price.

Elder-Jones of Canada, Ltd.

Since 1990, Elder-Jones of Canada, Ltd. delivers the same construction service in Canada that Elder-Jones, Inc. provides throughout the U.S. Like Elder-Jones, Inc., the Canadian company strives for uncompromising quality, on-time construction, and is value driven.